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sperm it out    get on get off get out    done with your hate    spew of words    more contradiction    more contradiction    done with you

might make right makes worse dead horse torgan warrior fallen pround and blind see what it makes when the need comes from greed eat your foot cause you thought it was cheese fight that might while height of clouds and god above take rounds no gloves no trick kid shit die our death and live they say DON'T GO, PLEASE COME want what they want they want to keep it all what do you lose when they keep you close so close so tight what escapes in their mad hunt round two not the one round out and sleep sleep walker fight more with the air shadow boxer ignore our stares and reaching hands don't ignore your life come on go live it sounds of dusk but that made me silent it seems it seems it's out and it's vibrant i want i want it needs to known so it grows will i live thru this when the rise of the tide mounts over my life and the flying horrors seeks me save me rise out great power i am your sword i shall chip but we shall strike tired of trying to wallow i sallow the shit in the river the middle i meddle my mindset the hatred no strength ya it left now it's gone style made me so weak short sighted rewards i reaped oh my government within president made precedence ego come lego letgo let go of me i am just trying to live i'm not a prize to be had from within i'm just trying to be i'm trying to free and fight for my life i'm just trying to be free i can't fight in the night without light from above i'm just trying to see but it's hard to see when i fight hi low time for I she was mine now we look away once we looked alike now it's time to try to forget i can't remember the last time i was flying the clouds by my sides the sun was still high now i'm dying for a fresh chance at life for a light in my life for a fresh chance at life who made you a king chain of your fruitive work on your small kin i am proof of you're folly you made me i'm stronger by your oppression you made you're own hole you made the knife that slayed you fling kick shin hit grin i can take more can you stand it i'm good in this ring i'm happy to contend dish it out bitch i'm here cause i like it and you're here to win hiphop made me rich rock got me laid what will get me saved tomorrow ain't waiting today won't cease but night'll cool and quench this flame man the stress is burning burn you if you touch is that why they stay away we're found let's get lost in eachother let love be the motherof us let me be in you let's sing live fuck each other no exit no way in but in can't get out so get in